Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Episode 2: Let's have some more

Here is Episode 2. It is in MP3 format and if you click the link to the left it will download and you can play it on your PC. I hope you enjoy it.

Show notes for Episode 2

The Cuban Zip Personal binder that features in this episode was bought from the Filofax Shop in Neal Street, London. If you are anywhere near London, I recommend you pop in and check out the Summer Sale.

Please visit my Filofax blog: My Life All In One Place

Finally, please give me some feedback in the comments.


  1. Very good indeed. Looking forward for the next episode. Cheers,

  2. Amazing to fuinalky hear a podcast about Filofaxes! And what a great job you're doing... Keep it up! Awesome format! Can't wait to hear more!!!